Indigo Prospect – Looking to acquire and lead a single great technology-based business

Ready to pass the baton?

Running a company is undeniably challenging. If you’re considering a break, retirement, or just a change of pace, you’ve come to the right spot.

We’re on the lookout for a singular exceptional company to acquire and nurture. Our focus is on software and business services companies with $1-5 million in annual profits.

Who are we?

Indigo Prospect is an entrepreneur-led company created by Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein to acquire and operate a single privately-owned B2B company. We’re looking to build on what you’ve created, respecting your vision and team. 

Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein

This is my calling

As the son of an entrepreneur, I’ve witnessed the joys and heartaches of running a small business. And when I started my own digital marketing agency, I got to experience it first-hand.

The panic of a major customer leaving. The uncertainty of a key employee leaving. Those aren’t just topics I’ve read about; I lived it. But I’ve also felt the highs of an employee’s satisfaction in being able to support their family, a customer being unexpectedly delighted, the pride of a job well done.

I spent 3 years advising some of the world’s largest companies as a strategy consultant at PwC but entrepreneurship called me back.

Now, I’m looking to acquire a great business and build on the entrepreneurial legacy that you have created.

The Indigo Prospect difference

Rooted in a collaborative team approach with a commitment to excellence, we prioritize sustainable, long-term growth, forging a partnership where skilled investors, advisors, entrepreneurs, and employees join forces for our shared journey toward success.

  • We’re hands-on owner-operators
    Your business will be my focus. Expect to see me rolling up my sleeves, getting my hands dirty to drive results every day. And we will make strategic choices–leveraging our experience from small startups to global corporations–that add enduring value.
  • We seek collaboration
    Each company is unique. We focus on fostering relationships and working closely both with leaders and employees to find optimal solutions to suit the specific situations your business faces.
  • We care for both the business and the people behind it
    Our long-term commitment extends beyond financial transactions. We recognize that the team is integral to the success of the business, and we prioritize their well-being, creating an environment where people love their jobs.

Our core values

People first

We value the people who choose to work with us and prioritize their well-being as part of our shared success


Our commitment goes beyond the deal. We care about our team, the work we do, and the communities we engage with

Meet the situation

Every company and every person is different. We are flexible to addressing each situation in a considered way

Have fun, be nice

honesty by Yosua Bungaran from Noun Project (CC BY 3.0)

Running a business is often difficult. Let’s build relationships to make it as enjoyable as possible