Indigo Prospect Internships

Are you a masters student or undergraduate (rising sophomore and above) eager to gain hands-on experience in finance and private equity? Indigo Prospect, a startup search fund, is offering an exciting summer internship opportunity. Work closely with the firm’s founder in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial environment, contributing to the shaping and operation of a new company. Apply here:


  • Duration: 30 hours per week, May 28th – August 9th (dates and schedule flexible)
  • Location: Open to both remote and local (NYC) candidates
  • Compensation: Unpaid


Owner Outreach and Intermediary Engagement: 

  • Conduct outreach campaigns to identify and establish relationships with business owners considering exit strategies.
  • Assist in the development and implementation of strategies to engage intermediaries such as investment bankers, brokers, and M&A advisors.

Industry Research:

  • Analyze market dynamics, competitive landscapes, and regulatory environments to inform strategic decision-making.
  • Utilize industry databases, market reports, and other sources to gather relevant data and insights.

Deal Analysis and Modeling:

  • Evaluate identified companies through detailed financial analysis and risk assessment. 
  • Model potential returns and value creation opportunities to understand deal viability.
  • Gain practical experience in drafting marketing materials, managing broker relationships, and applying acquired skills.



  • Make an impact in an exciting, dynamic new private equity firm: 

You can lead the effort in purchasing a company worth as much as $30 million. Your work will shape how we operate, what we look for in an acquisition, and the work we do to transform the acquired business. 

  • Benefit from mentorship and structured learning about private equity and financial analysis:

Structured sessions on private equity, the search fund model, industry and financial analysis, and career development will be provided. We approach the internship as an apprentice-type / mentorship program, working together to learn and build the firm.

  • Get the opportunity for a competitive internship and build your network:

Successful interns will receive an automatic offer for a competitive internship the following season. Recommendation letters and introductions to contacts in consulting, banking, startups, private equity, healthcare and other industries will be provided.



  • Interest in marketing, finance, or investing (no experience required)
  • Strong work ethic with the ability to work independently and in a group
  • Excellent analytical, research, and writing skills
  • Eagerness to make a meaningful impact
  • Self-starter attitude
  • Attention to detail
  • Desire to learn


We believe in providing all candidates with an equal opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities. As part of our commitment to identifying exceptional talent and ensuring a fair and inclusive selection process, we have implemented an assessment stage for all internship candidates. This assessment is designed to provide you with the opportunity to showcase your skills, enthusiasm, and potential for contributing to Indigo Prospect. Your application is the first step towards becoming an integral part of Indigo Prospect, and we are genuinely looking forward to the possibilities that lie ahead. We can’t wait to review your applications and embark on this journey together! 

Apply now: